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Simulating a real test environment at PrepNorthwest is the ideal way to take a practice test. However, for students who absolutely cannot make our proctored tests, this is the next best thing. Introducing, our clickable audio proctoring scripts! To utilize this free resource, follow this checklist:

  • Download file to phone or computer.

    * DO NOT use an iPhone for it will stream the audio rather than download it, creating the possibility of inaccurate timing.

    ** If using a phone (other than an iPhone), set to airplane mode. If using a computer, quit all applications/programs on your computer other than your default audio player.

    *** Ideally, plug in your device (if using phone or laptop).
  • SAT
    (118 MB)
    (111 MB)

  • Sit down at a quiet, uninterrupted space, free from distractions.
  • Press play and begin test.
  • Finish test.
  • Using your phone or scanner, take a picture of the answer sheets & essay. Then, email them to

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