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“...[our daughter's] ACT scores are really amazing and show huge growth. Thank you so much for all you did to help her get to this point. Really fantastic. And this process with you for both my kids really helped them, showing that when they put the time into anything, they can really get what they want.”

- D.L. (Parent, Class of 2024)

“[Our son] received his SAT scores today and he scored a 1520: 740 verbal and 780 math, which put him in the 99th percentile! Thank you so much for your help!”

- C.C. (Parent, Class of 2024)

“...[our son] received his SAT scores today and he totaled a 1560 — 770 verbal and 790 math! Thank you very much for the tutoring this summer! It really brought results. Thank you.”

- D.R. (Parent, Class of 2022)

...we are so thrilled!! Just wanted to thank you for the stellar prep work. We’re certain Ella wouldn't have scored this high without all that she learned through PrepNW!

- M.B. (Parent, Class of 2022)

... thank you to the test prep and resources you gave me! I got a #### on the test and got accepted to my first choice college (Macalester)! You’ve helped me grow my score and get into college.

The excellent instruction from both my Math and Verbal instructors gave me the opportunity to ultimately raise my score to help get me into Stanford, Harvard, Northwestern and more... 100% would recommend!

The class was very helpful and the tactics were very helpful. I learned more than I expected, so thank you.

Thank you so much for your help; all the tips and tricks really brought my score up!

I think you guys gave me a really good base of knowledge to take into the test and the different strategies were very effective. I went into the test feeling confident and calm. I loved working with my coaches and they were both good teachers as well as being fun to interact with.

Thank you so much for all of the help in preparing, I really improved due to all of the practice work that I received!

I am excited to report that my hard work and this tutoring have paid off! Thank you to my coaches for helping me out and sticking with me in these trying times. (I hope you guys are proud :))

I increased my score by more than 100 points [190 points], so I do think this course was worthwhile. It was a lot of work and doing the practice SAT repeatedly was intense but it paid off in the end. The strategies and tips on how to approach the exam were especially useful.

The course was great and it helped me a lot! The coaches were amazing and patient all the way through!

This class not only improved my score by a ton, but it also gave me test taking skills that I know I will use outside of the SAT, and it was really fun! It was engaging and exciting and I couldn’t have asked for better teachers.

Terrific job by PrepNorthwest! I've sent both my children through their program and both had an excellent experience!

Thanks for all the work you guys have done for me. I greatly enjoyed both coaches and looked forward to the classes. Not only was it helpful for the SAT and improving my score but it also provided sensible test taking tips that I have been using for school tests.

Dear Molly & Team,
We just wanted you to know that Bryce improved his ACT score by three points bringing his score to a "34"! Thank you for your expertise and taking the time to accommodate his schedule. We are so thrilled with the outcome!

Once again, thank you!

Thank you for everything you've done for me over the course of SAT prep. I really enjoyed my time there with my coaches, and I felt like I improved a lot. Over the course of the classes, both of my coaches were super kind, I never felt stressed at all while working with them, and everyone at the office was also super welcoming and nice.

Again, thank you for everything!

- A.L. (ICS, Class of 2019)

Overall, my experience at PrepNorthwest was amazing and I felt that I improved a lot from my time there since my first practice test... There isn't anything I felt that should have been changed from the sessions because they all helped a lot.

I just saw my scores from the SAT on October 7th… 1560 composite… I am extremely happy and proud of my scores, but also a bit shocked!! Thank you so much for all your help getting me ready. It definitely paid off!

Sincerely (From a high schooler officially done with SAT testing!!!)

I am pretty proud of my SAT scores. I got my highest score... so I would say that PrepNorthwest definitely helped me!

- I.S. (ICS, Class of 2019)

Thank you so much for all the help you provided me on my path to succeed on the SAT. All the training and practice really helped and allowed me to get a composite of 1510.”

Thank you to everyone at PrepNorthwest for the help and support. I couldn’t have done it without you guys. Thank you!

- Monish C. (Tesla STEM, Class of 2017)

Thanks for all the help! This class raised my grade from a 22 to a 28!

- Matthew M.. (Bear Creek, Class of 2017)

We are very happy for Melissa! She enjoyed working with both of her coaches and really appreciated the one on one help. Thanks so much for supporting her!

- Family of Melissa S. (Juanita, Class of 2017)

Thanks so much to everyone at PrepNorthwest for their help! The instruction I received was a huge help, and I'm very happy with my score.

- Adam Z. (Meadowdale, Class of 2016)

Thank you so much to everyone at PrepNorthwest… You guys have taught me so much, helping me raise my SAT score by 250 points! I will definitely recommend you guys to all my friends who are preparing for their tests. I truly had an amazing time here and will miss having classes with you guys.

- Sophie L. (Redmond, Class of 2017)

I loved working with everyone and am so happy with my results! Thank you!

- Inbar K (Overlake, Class of 2016)

I love all the PrepNorthwest instructors and I even look forward to coming to my lessons! I felt that they were all helpful and cared about my improvement.

- Peri W. (Overlake, Class of 2016)

This class helped so much! PrepNorthwest does an amazing job at getting you ready.

- Mason M. (Bear Creek, Class of 2016)

I felt well prepared for the test. My scores definitely went up as the result of your help.

- Elizabeth M. (Seattle Academy, Class of 2016)

Woo hoo! We are thrilled! Thank you thank you thank you all!

- Nicole T. (Lake Washington, Class of 2016)

PrepNorthwest helped out a lot! Thanks!

- Dane M. (Issaquah, Class of 2016)

Thank you so much for everything! My composite score jumped and I felt very comfortable with my approach and strategy. I exceeded all of my goals thanks to the instruction from PrepNorthwest and my awesome coaches - thanks again! :)

- Caitlin B. (Eastlake, Class of 2016)

Thank you guys so much for preparing me for this! I was so surprised by how easily these simple tactics could turn the big scary college admissions test into something way more manageable.

- Aditya R. (Tesla STEM, Class of 2016)

Thank you for all your help! I am happy that I was able to achieve my goal!

- Sonali P. (Forrest Ridge, Class of 2016)

Thank you so much for helping me prepare for my SAT! The instructors at PrepNorthwest helped me feel more comfortable and confident with the SAT.

- Abby T. (Interlake HS, Class of 2016)

Thank you to [my coaches] for being great instructors! I'm very happy with my score, and I couldn't have done it without the strategies that PrepNorthwest has taught me! I'll definitely recommend this place to a lot of my friends.

- Tyan T. (Newport HS, Class of 2016)

I loved both of my instructors so much they are so awesome! I'm so happy with my score

- Emma R. (Overlake, Class of 2016)

Although I panicked a little during the math section, as it suddenly hit me at that moment that I was taking the "real" test, I felt so much more prepared than I otherwise would have. Huge thank you to PrepNorthwest and all the amazing coaches that I met along the way for the dedication and support offered; I had an amazing time :)

- Prajju M. (Redmond HS, Class of 2016)

It was a great time with super fun learning tips :). THHHHAAANNNKKKSS <3

- Sinead R. (ICS-Kirkland, Class of 2016)


- Shannon A. (Newport HS, Class of 2016)

If I hadn't taken this course, I would have stayed in the low 1600s. This course has raised my SAT score from average, to well above average. It definitely raised my score and helped me out a lot.

- Armaan S. (Tesla STEM, Class of 2016)

Without this program and what I've learned I wouldn't have been so confident going into the test. Thanks again guys.

- Tyler B. (Woodinville, Class of 2016)

The test went a lot easier after taking prep and some of the strategies [our coach] taught us were very helpful. Just say no to street math!

- Paul S. (Tesla STEM, Class of 2016)

Although I never really found time to do all of the homework, my instructor was really patient in class and I think the practice tests, which I did go over every time, were SUPER helpful!! After the first one, I was super tired around section 6, but by the last one I was fine even at the end. On the real SAT, I went home and I wasn't very tired at all. My score jumped almost 200 points and I definitely peaked on the real thing, so thank you!! The lessons were really helpful, especially the sentence completion tricks, math tactics, and essay.

- Katherine J. (Tesla STEM, Class of 2016)

I am very pleased with my overall SAT score! The vocabulary I learned in the class proved extremely helpful on the actual exam. I have made large improvements in all categories from my first practice test around 4 months ago. I became a better and more systematic test taker. Although I missed the advice session right before the test, and I was wary of taking the test this early, it all worked out for me. A good night's sleep and a clear brain, as well as determination to do better, will do wonders. I'm glad I put in the work early in the summer so I don't have to stress about this anymore. Thanks PrepNW!

- Aaron O. (Redmond HS - Class of 2016)

Thanks! I am really happy with the score! I think the practice tests at Prep NW really helped. They made me feel much more comfortable during the actual test. Thank you for everything!

- Hannah B. (Woodinville - Class of 2015)

Taking a prep course is certainly one of the most important things to do in preparing for the SAT or ACT. However, there are so many courses to decide between, and choosing the right one for you is essential to your success. I am incredibly happy to have chosen PrepNorthwest, the instructors here are some of the funniest, most intelligent, and kindest people. They make studying and learning the ins-and-outs of a test a breeze and thoroughly prepared me for everything that came up during the exam. If you want to do well on any standardized test and live in the Greater Seattle Area, be sure to check these folks out.

- Andy C. (Overlake - Class of 2016)

Thank you so much to my coaches! I had an awesome time taking lessons from you guys and obviously my scores raised a ton. I can't thank you guys enough!

- James G. (Eastside Catholic - Class of 2015)

Thank you so much for all of your help! I actually reached my goal super score. That is almost 500 points higher from my original score! Thank you for giving me the confidence and guidance to achieve the score that I believed I could get. You guys are the best!

- Tenley W. (Eastside Prep - Class of 2015)

Thanks a lot for all of your help with my writing. Thanks to your assistance I was able to raise my score to 720. This could not have been possible without your guidance. Even though I did not meet my personal goal of 2300 I am quite proud of my score... Thanks again for helping me reach this great score.

- Ravishnankar M. (Bothell - Class of 2015)

Thank you so so so very much. I could never have dreamed of a score like this without the instructors' help. Please give them my deepest thanks, and give them both hugs from me... Thank you so much again! My coaches were the best!

- Maddy B. (Eastside Catholic - Class of 2015)

Thank you so much to my coaches! I had an awesome time taking lessons from you guys and obviously my scores raised a ton. I can't thank you guys enough!

- James G. (Eastside Catholic - Class of 2015)

PrepNorthwest was, without a doubt, integral to my SAT Score. After taking the class I improved 280 points, and I could tell that the practice tests, in-depth analysis of my mistakes, and helpful strategies were assisting me every minute of test day.

- Aaron J. (Tesla STEM - Class of 2015)

The coaches at PrepNorthwest are some of the nicest and most helpful people you will ever meet. I learned so many helpful techniques in class that really did make a difference on my test. Thank you so much for everything you do for your students!

- Rachel R. (Newport - Class of 2015)

I'm very pleased with PrepNW. We worked with another tutor prior to his April test, but PrepNW was far superior and does a fantastic job preparing students for the test. I would highly recommend PrepNW to others.

- Greg Z. (Father of Blanchet 2014 graduate)

Thank you so much for helping me improve my score! I learned so much at PrepNorthwest and I will use these new skills for the rest of my school career!

- Madi C. (Overlake - Class of 2014)

I don't think I ever would have had nearly as great of a time studying for my tests without this program. The way we prepared made studying and taking the SAT fun, something I never would have expected. Without Prep, I never would have achieved and surpassed my goals.

- Keon B. (ICS - Class of 2014)

We are thrilled. Blake's score increased by 240 points. Your organization is awesome at motivating students and preparing them for their future academic endeavors. Thank you so much for a positive and rewarding experience.

- Denise C. (Mother of Woodinville 2014 graduate)

PrepNorthwest is the greatest thing ever, I tell everyone at my school to go there!!

- Emily R. (Eastlake - Class of 2014)

Thank you for helping me improve my SAT score. It was a great learning experience.

- Tony L. (Overlake - Class of 2014)

Thanks you to my coaches. You guys were phenomenal.

- Chris F. (Meadowdale - Class of 2014)

I actually used the critical reading skill things you taught us! I miss our wonderful class!

- Marcel C. (Overlake - Class of 2014)

Thanks so much to PrepNorthwest and my coach! I wouldn't have been able to get that high of a score without your help.

- Andy V. (Eastlake - Class of 2014)

You guys helped me so much and I am so glad I came and got to learn from my amazing instructors. :)

- Ashley K. (Skyline - Class of 2014)

PrepNorthwest really helped me study for the SAT to get a 140 point increase and an 800 in writing! Thank You!

- Shannon R. (Newport - Class of 2013)

Thank you so much for your tremendous amount of help! I achieved my goal of a score over 2000, and I couldn't have done it without the help of PrepNW!

- Donald C. (Newport - Class of 2012)

I had an awesome time here, my score increased by 330 points! The atmosphere is great, and the strategies I learned really helped me out on the real SAT. PrepNW is the only way to go. >:]

- Sebastian C. (Redmond - Class of 2013)

My experiences were great! My coach really did care about my ACT scores and I felt like he was taking a personal interest in them. I would definitely come back for any more needed help.

- Henry B. (Overlake - Class of 2013)

I really loved my experience at PrepNorthwest. All the tutors are fun and knowledgeable and really seem to care about their students and helping them achieve their full potential. PrepNorthwest made a subject I was not stoked about (the ACT and SAT) into something I could bear. I always looked forward to my tutor sessions! :)

- McCall H. (Overlake - Class of 2012)

PrepNorthwest really helped me develop awesome test-taking strategies and to gain the confidence I needed for test day! Thank You!

- Claire C. (Interlake - Class of 2012)

I am so, so satisfied with my results! Thanks for your time and interest in my score. I really couldn't have improved my score by this much any other way! Yay!

- Nicola S. (ICS - Class of 2012)

PrepNW helped me so much in improving my SAT score, particularly with my essay.

- Sam R. (Lakeside - Class of 2012)

This place rocks.

- Pierce A. (Redmond - Class of 2012)

I felt so much more confident while taking the SAT thanks to PrepNorthwest! Thank you!

- Olivia C. (Overlake - Class of 2011)

PrepNorthwest was awesome. My scores boosted a lot from my first practice test to the actual test...Thanks so much for the great experience.

- Patrick L. (Sammamish - Class of 2011)

...I feel great, and am really happy with my scores. Taking the SAT test itself wasn't nearly as nerve-wracking as taking my first few practice tests, and I was able to focus on all the tactics that I had learned in class. I'm absolutely thrilled :D! Thank you so much for all the help!

- Atalia S. (ICS - Class of 2011)

PrepNorthwest was a HUGE help. From my first diagnostic to my first (and last) real SAT, I jumped 250 points! Thanks!

- Aseem C. (Skyline - Class of 2011)

Thank you guys so much! You really helped me improve and go beyond my goal score! I really appreciate all the help you gave me.

- Alice C. (ICS - Class of 2011)

I was super pleased with my score! It went up more than 150 points. I am so glad that I am done with taking the SAT after my very first time.

- Katie S. (Overlake - Class of 2011)

We are so enjoying working with all of you at PrepNorthwest. You all have truly become such important and wonderful people in our lives! Thank you for everything you have done for us! You are truly appreciated!!!!

- Trudi K. (Mother of Holy Names 2010 graduate)

I really enjoyed my experience at PrepNorthwest. My coaches were interested in my progress throughout the course, and they both taught me a lot of effective techniques to use when taking the test! Thanks PrepNorthwest!

- John D. (Lakeside - Class of 2011)

...Even though studying for the SAT was not always fun, I really could not have done it without you! Thanks for all the time you spent with me. I always enjoyed coming in for help!!

- Louise A. (Shorewood - Class of 2009)

...Thank you for all of your work with my son. His dad and I, and of course, Ben, were most pleased with his score of 740 on the math. I will be delighted to recommend PrepNorthwest!

- Ellen P. (Mother of Sammamish 2007 graduate)

...Thank you so much for coming to ICS to speak at the college committee meeting. Your insights were very helpful.

- Bev. K (Mother of ICS PTSA 2006)

...I just wanted to write and say, thank you so much for the ACT prep help. You made learning easy and fun. I have never worked with teachers who are more kind and passionate about helping students. Thanks again, you really gave me the confidence to do well.

- Kristen L. (Meadowdale - Class of 2005)

Thank you so much for all of your help over the last few years. Each of you has helped to brighten my horizons and pushed me to try my hardest. Moving on to USD will definitely be a challenge, so prepare yourselves for frequent emails or phone calls :) Thanks again for everything!

- Caitlin F. (Blanchet - Class of 2008)

Thank you very much for working with Alicia to improve her SAT scores. Your teaching style was a great match for her and you both motivated her to raise the bar! Her confidence level went up and we were pleased to see just how much she improved and had an understanding of what she was being taught. Many thanks for your talents.

- Elaine H. (Mother of Mercer Island 2010 graduate)

...This course was extremely helpful in so many ways. All the tactics are great, but the step-by-step guidance and organization was amazing. The small group learning style enabled us to have a personalized lesson. We basically wanted to thank you for everything. We truly appreciate your time and dedication.

- Maddie & Kate (ICS - Class of 2009)

Thank you so much for all of you help this past summer and fall with the SAT. So I probably should have sent a note sooner... but I got so wrapped up in college applications and scholarships it just slipped my mind. BUT! My score from day 1 of SAT to when I took it on June 7th went up almost 200 POINTS!... Without you guys I wouldn't have been able to do it. With your help, I got into 7 of the 8 schools I applied to and got wait listed at the 8th. While I got accepted to my number 1, Chapman University, I have made the decision to go to UW. Without your program, I would not be where I am today. Thanks for everything.

- Josh S. (Cedarcrest - Class of 2009)

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