The Patented EZ Graphing Slide Case

Your TI-84 and TI-89 Titanium Graphing Calculator's Best Friend!

  • ez graphing slide case
  • ez graphing slide case
  • ez graphing slide case


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EZ Graphing Slide Case - $14.29

Perfect for Math class; not permitted on SAT and ACT Tests

Whether you are taking Geometry, Advanced Algebra/Trigonometry, PreCalculus or Calculus, the EZ Graphing slide case is perfect for you. The EZ Graphing slide case slides onto your graphing calculator so you will never be without a ruler. It utilizes its patented top and side rulers, XY Axis template and 12 Math Reference Functions to give you the best tool in the math industry... not to mention its 6 stylish colors to geek out on. Not only can you graph perfect straight lines in fractions of the time it takes with a ruler, you can also draw accurate geometric shapes in record time; thus eliminating the need to buy graph paper! The EZ Graphing slide case is designed for the most popular graphing calculators in the USA, the TI-84 and TI-89 Titanium. If you are interested in outfitting your calculator with an EZ Graphing slide case from PrepNorthwest, come by the office and get one today!

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EZ Graphing Slide Case

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