2023-2024 SAT and ACT Countdown Timer

And the clock went tick, tick, tick...

When you are planning a course with PrepNorthwest, it's often helpful to see the lay of the land. Take a look at the real test dates below and see how prep could work for you. Generally, it takes 12-14 weeks to finish a course at PrepNorthwest. If you have questions, you know who to call!

SAT Test Weeks From Test Start Prep ACT Test Weeks From Test Start Prep
November 4 October 28
December 2 December 9
March 10 Mid December February 10 Mid November
May 5 Mid February April 14 Mid January
June 2 Early March June 9 Mid March
August 25 Early June July 14 Late April
October 6 Mid July September 8 Late June

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