Yellow Quiz

Match the word to the definition

Write the letter that corresponds to the vocabulary word into the textbox next to the correct definition

1.out of normal time range a) intrepid
2.tendency; leaning toward b) ubiquitous reprimand severely c) magnanimous
4.lack of respect; rudeness d) castigate
5.find out; make sure e) insolence
6.praise f) alleviate
7.flatterer g) anachronistic expert with good taste/judgment h) ascertain
9.lack of transparency, not able to be seen through i) laud
10.widespread, existing everywhere j) efface make less severe k) frugal erase; eradicate l) opaque
13.inborn m) commemorate pacify; appease n) sycophant
15.not able to be erased; permanent o) stoic
16.honor the memory of p) disparaging
17.commonplace, plain q) mollify
18.fearless r) indelible
19.unaffected; indifferent; restrained s) prosaic
20.abundatnly fruitful t) innate blame; criticize u) penchant
22.generous minded; big hearted v) prolific
23.economical w) connoisseur