Purple Quiz

Match the word

Directions: Write the letter that corresponds to the vocabulary word into the textbox next to the correct definition.

1.become subject to as a result of one's actions a) adulation
2.to cloud or cover b) apathetic
3.accidental c) cacophony
4.ordinary d) capricious
5.lacking energy or interest e) censure
6.prevent f) cerebral
7.disaster g) credulous
8.believe something is true; gullible h) debacle
9.opinionated; doctrinal i) digression
10.worship; great praise j) dogmatic
11.admire; honor k) fortuitous
12.spoiled; ruined l) immutable
13.clear m) insipid
14.noise; din n) incur
15.bland; flavorless o) lucid
16.concerned with thinking p) marred
17.whimsical; changeable q) pedestrian
18.unchangeable r) phlegmatic
19.calm; imperturbable s) preclude
20.wander from topic t) revere
21.to blame or criticize u) shroud
22.waver; hesitated v) vacillate