Orange Quiz

Complete the sentence

Directions: For each blank below, fill in the best word from the options provided.

1. Because Jimmy knew the hornets were , he wouldn't take the dare to throw a rock at their hive.
austere irascible

2. The child's artwork was unimpressive and .
aesthetic rudimentary

3. The praying mantis, while looking menacing at first, was in fact .
innocuous eclectic

4. Don't bore your audience with excess verbiage; be .
didactic succinct

5. The new dog owner, in an attempt to train the young puppy, his good behavior.
amassed extolled

6. The of the striped pants and the polka-dot blouse was a strain on my eyes.
deliberation juxtaposition

7. His antique collection was very in that each piece was from a different time period.
eclectic tactile

8. The headmaster's demeanor tended to scare off the more timid students.
amiable austere

9. The comment left us rolling our eyes.
ineffable inane

10. The cat's nature made him easy to love.
somber amiable

11. Although she had experienced a great deal of , she was able to start a successful dog-grooming business.
adversity enigma

12. Although they'd had a spat earlier that afternoon, the couple was able to remain at the birthday party later that night.
irascible congenial

13. The goal of the pre-law program at the university is to prepare students for law school.
modicum didactic

14. The new employee, eager to impress his boss, was utterly .
fawning austere

15. Bob is so absent-minded; he hasn't even a of common sense.
modicum surfeit

16. Due to a very bad burn from the oven, Jenny has lost her sense.
conflagration tactile

17. The of the film left us feeling like we had paid far too much for the time actually spent at the theater.
profundity brevity

18. After she left, I gave them my opinion of her new hairstyle.
indifferent candid

19. The cell phone in Mr. Mod's pocket was the only during the civil war re-enactment.
miser anachronism

20. While she was only three, and clearly still needed her parent's care for survival, she believed herself to be completely .
indifferent autonomous

21. His nature made the blind-date easy and effortless.
ineffable affable

22. Nadine gave a beautiful at her grandfather's memorial.
enigma eulogy

23. The sunset was the perfect end to a perfect day.
innocuous ineffable

24. Usually a shy and quite boy, Jamie surprised us by being with his new friend Tom.
gregarious didactic