Green Quiz

Match the word to the definition

Directions: Write the letter that corresponds to the vocabulary word into the textbox next to the correct definition who gives generous donations of money or goods a) abstruse
2.brief; to the point b) rancor
3.lavish display of wealth c) altruism
4.made worse d) belie
5.bitterness and bad feeling e) commemorate
6.self-sacrifice f) cajole
7.lazy; careless; lax g) decorum steal h) acclaim honor the memory of i) deride mock j) exacerbated applaud, announce with approval k) furtive
12.having conflicting emotions l) histrionic coax, wheedle m) lackadaisical
14.put off; procrastinate n) malicious
15.melodramatic; expressing exaggerated emotion o) valor
16.good behavior; etiquette p) opulence
17.wordy q) philanthropist
18.secretive r) pilfer
19.bravery s) profundity
20.difficult to comprehend t) reprehensible
21.very bad; blameworthy u) ambivalent contradict v) succinct
23.hateful; spiteful w) temporize
24.depth of ideas/thought x) verbose