Blue Quiz

Yes or No

Directions: For each of the questions below, check "Yes" or "No".

1. As one of the most abundant substances on the planet is there a dearth of sand? Yes No

2. Is death dubious? Yes No

3. Is the presence of alien life unequivocal? Yes No

4. Is studying for the SAT futile? Yes No

5. Is a zealot indifferent about his cause? Yes No

6. Are IRS auditors fastidious ? Yes No

7. Would an Olympic athlete be adroit? Yes No

8. Was Mother Teresa a callous woman? Yes No

9. Do people hold convictions about religion? Yes No

10. Should a judge be objective? Yes No

11. Does scientific evidence give credence to the claim that the earth revolves around the sun? Yes No

12. Can politics be a contentious subject? Yes No

13. Does daylight wane at dawn? Yes No

14. Would you like to have copious amounts of cash? Yes No

15. Is a pillow fort tenable ? Yes No

16. Would signing a peace treaty be considered a conciliatory action? Yes No

17. Are ballerina's lithe? Yes No

18. Are 7-inch high heels pragmatic? Yes No

19. Is it ambiguous that Michael Phelps won 8 gold metals in the 2008 Beijing Olympics? Yes No

20. Is a buzzing alarm clock vexing? Yes No

21. Is vanilla yogurt ornate? Yes No

22. Would you laud a criminal? Yes No

23. Is the comedian Carrot Top idiosyncratic? Yes No

24. Does an infection exacerbate a deep wound? Yes No