ACT Standard 'One-to-One' Course

Get ready to be coached!

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Details of the Program

  • 10-12 week duration
  • 10, 1.5 hour lessons
  • 4, 4.0 hour practice tests
  • Flex guarantee!
  • Lesson reports emailed home
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ACT One-to-One - $1899

Our One-to-One Programs are the bread and butter of PrepNorthwest. We've been rockin' for the last 15 years because our services are time-tested and our talented coaches have enormous hearts. Each coach is thoroughly trained and capable of uncovering your student's testing potential. This ACT program includes 15 hours of individual coaching sessions, 16 hours of practice testing and all materials. We recommend this course begins approximately 10-12 weeks prior to a chosen test date. Your student will learn how to target goal scores, utilize key ACT strategies and build confidence for this test.

Your student’s enrollment into PrepNorthwest’s ACT One-to-One Course provides you assurance into your student's ACT investment. During this unpredictable time, you can rest assured that if your test date is cancelled or changed, PrepNorthwest will provide as many lessons as it takes to get you through the finish line with the Flex guarantee.

Here is how the program works:

  • We prepare you for a real test date.
  • Finish your prescribed course as planned.
  • If the test date is cancelled, simply re-register for another test date and jump into our next scheduled ACT Flex Course.
  • Rinse and repeat until your student is ACTisfied (additional practice tests are offered at $55/test).

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