ACT Comprehensive 'One-to-One' Course

Get ready to be coached to the max!

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Details of the Program

  • 20-24 week duration
  • 20, 1.5 hour lessons
  • 8, 3.5 hour practice tests
  • Lesson reports emailed home
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ACT 'Comprehensive' One-to-One - $3499

Our Comprehensive 'One-to-One' ACT course satisfies the needs, requests and scheduling for many of our PrepNorthwest families. Here are a few reasons why this course could be for you:

  • You already know you are going to take the real ACT test more than once and you'd like to save $200.
  • You are a sophomore or freshman who understands the value of building an early foundation and familiarity with the ACT now, and will want to prepare again before your real test junior year.
  • You want an intensive course for one real test date and have the time to do so.
  • You want to take an ACT course and an SAT course.

This ACT program includes 30 hours of individual coaching sessions, 28 hours of practice testing and all materials. We recommend this course begin approximately 20-24 weeks prior to a chosen test date or a convenient window of time that best suits your reasons for purchasing this course package. Your student will learn how to target goal scores, utilize key ACT strategies and build confidence for this test.

Here is how the program works:

  • We prepare you for a real test date.
  • Finish your prescribed course as planned.
  • Rinse and repeat until your student is ACTisfied (additional practice tests are offered at $55/test).

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