High School Level Support Pod

Helping students and freeing parents :)

  • portfolio single
  • calculus program

Details of the Program

  • 2+ student Zoom pod
  • You and your friend(s)
  • 2 hrs total per week
  • 4, 30-min sessions (rec.)
  • $60/hr per student
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High School Level Support Pod - $60/hr per student

Let's face it, students will encounter difficulties with homework this year--only to find themselves at the mercy of their parents' academic prowess and lack of time. It's likely in this sequence of events that your students will turn to their friends to find similar homework hardships. This is where PrepNorthwest comes in! Queue the magical pixie dust--POOF!

During these uncertain times and the rise of unpredictable teaching quality from high school online programs, PrepNorthwest has created an academic support channel to deliver superb online instruction at an affordable cost and free parents from academic responsibility. This course checks in on your student up to four times a week, gives your student and a friend (or friends) the opportunity to get all the answers to the tough questions, and offers some breathing room (and joy) for the adults in the household. Whether your student's pod is searching for the A+ or looking to fortify the high school online experience, PrepNorthwest's talented coaches are ready to teach. To take advantage of this program, bring in a friend, and we'll schedule weekly times that work for you during the school year. High School Support Subjects we offer are:

  • Calculus, AP Calculus AB, IB Calculus
  • PreCalculus
  • Advanced Algebra/Trig
  • Algebra 2
  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Biology, AP Biology
  • Chemistry, AP Chemistry
  • Physics, AP Physics
  • Language Arts

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